Want to become a GreenLight Dealer?

  • No credit check.
  • No underwriting, dealer simply collects the items on our funding checklist like the agent at the rental car counter.
  • No dealer recourse.
  • No bank fee to dealer. Your markup is your markup…not the lenders’.
  • No DTI or PTI.
  • No minimum income, minimum time on job or minimum time at residence.
  • No paying your DMS to program in our forms, dealer uses our portal to structure and print agreements.

  • Say YES to any customer with a driver’s license.
  • Say Yes to customers on Disability or SSI.
  • Say YES to customers in an open chapter 13.
  • Say Yes to customers immigrants with ITIN and a Utah Driving Privilege Card.
  • Say YES to customers who just got a job but don’t have their first paystub.
  • Say YES to 1st time buyers who don’t meet the minimum job time or income requirements. .
  • Scan and email the funding packet for same day ACH funding.