Oil Change Program 

Green Light will provide you with two free oil changes per year

at any Utah Jiffy Lube as part of your lease!


How it works:


We will automatically email you every 4 months (3 per year) with a coupon to take to any Utah Jiffy Lube.  This

 certificate will be valid for that 4 month period. Please redeem it within that time period to maintain your vehicle and to stay in compliance with your repair benefit program. 

-Simply Print off the coupon OR show it to the Jiffy Lube Employee on your smart phone as soon as you arrive
-They will verify the VIN and your informaiton for your Green Light Vehicle
-Most vehicles require an oil change about every 5,000 miles, if you require more than three per year, it is your responsibility to pay for them.

Thank you for being a great customer!