New Customers

Green Light gives you Options that others don’t!

  • Options to get a new vehicle sooner beacause all contracts are 24 months 
  • Option to trade-in at any time with no fees
  • Option to trade-in at original dealer with no $ carried over into your next loan
  • Option to get a temporary vehicle now until you qualify for bank or credit union financing
  • Option to get something that fits your budget now then upgrade as your budget increases
  • Free oil changes at your dealer for the life of the contract 
  • Free text and/or audible buzzer payment reminders to help you pay on time
  • Free GAP coverage included for the life of the contract so you only pay your deductible if you total your vehicle. 


  • No credit check
  • A valid Drivers License
  • No minimum income required
  • Bankruptcy ok
  • Repossession ok
  • If you believe you can afford the payments we believe you.

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